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I was browsing flair on facebook when I came across one that said that anyone who hates socialism must not know what it means.  I, of course, beg to differ; I know very well what socialism is and what it entails, and I still hate it.

 A brief overview of pure socialism:

- “fairness” in that no one earns more than anyone else

- no private property;  communal ownership instead (which, essentially, is government ownership because government has to mandate this since most people won’t voluntarily agree to the system)

 The idea is that everyone works as much as they can, and everyone gets paid the same amount.  So you’ll get paid $100/day (for example) whether you produce 500 things in a day, 100 things, or 0 things.  Well, why produce 500 things a day when you could just produce nothing and still get paid?  Socialism removes the incentive to produce, which hurts the economy and the people in it.

 A system that was truly fair would let people keep the money they earn.  If you produce 500 things, you should get paid five times more than the person who produces only 100 things.  And if you produce nothing, then you should get nothing.

 I know there are some people out there who honestly cannot work.  But if the government stopped encouraging people to milk the system and not work, then those who are just lazy would have to get jobs.  If people were allowed to keep their money, then they would have more extra money, money that could likely end up in charities to help out those who truly need help.  The same goal is accomplished, but there’s no force involved.  If someone approaches you on the street and takes your money, that’s theft.  But when the government takes your money, that’s a good deed?  Nope, it’s still theft, only it’s legal because the government did it.

 While I’m on the subject of theft, let’s talk about taxes.  We pay sales tax, property tax, income tax, Social Security tax, capital gains tax, …the list goes on and on…, and after all that, there’s an estate tax.  That’s right, when you die, your worth is calculated (leave it to government to put values on lives).  The first million dollars is exempt from taxation, but anything above that is taxed 55%.  Often small business owners have to sell the business just to pay the tax when a family member dies.  The rationale?  You shouldn’t get money for being “lucky” when someone dies (although, according to socialists, you shouldn’t get money for working, either).

 Our tax system is another attempt at “equity” even though equity decreases the efficiency of an economy.  Efficiency is good for the economy and benefits the people.

 Socialism has been attempted many times in various forms (Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, etc.), but it fails every time.  Even in the less extreme cases like the welfare states (Canada, Sweden, UK, etc.) where they seem to be okay, the economies do not function at their highest potential.  One would think this should be warning enough to keep socialism out of the U.S., but apparently not.

 You might think, “If socialism is so bad, why do politicians advocate it?”  Well, I’ll let you in on a secret:  it’s because THEY DON’T CARE (in general).  Politicians are generally well-educated and intelligent people, and they know socialism doesn’t work.  They know it, and they don’t care because socialism allows them to attain more control over our lives.  It’s got nothing to do with America’s best interest or what’s good for the people.  It’s solely a way for them to gain power.

 People often scoff at Plato’s idea that those best suited to lead are those who don’t want the power.  And although it is paradoxical, he’s right.  If you don’t want to govern, you won’t always be concerned with pushing your own agenda through.

 The bottom line:  In the short term, socialism is only good for the leeches who live off others’ productivity.  In the long term, socialism hurts everyone.  (With the exception of those in power who always benefit from the loss of our freedom.)


I have come to this conclusion:  the only way anyone can believe that socialism is a good idea is by lying to him/herself.  They have to lie to themselves because if they were honest with themselves and truly thought it through, they’d see that socialism is actually a terrible idea.


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